SMS Pro™

SMS Pro™ is the Cadillac of aviation safety database software products because we listen to our SMS Partners and our customers.

Complete Web database software for mature ICAO compliant SMS programs.

Without expert SMS consultants and SMS subject matter experts, SMS Pro™ may as well be another hazard reporting software package. SMS Pro™ has almost fifty modules to use in your ICAO compliant aviation safety management program.


For companies with fewer than 1000 employees per portal, it remains more cost effective for NWDS to provide:
  • Database Server
  • Web Server
  • Nightly Backups
  • Continuous Service Monitoring
  • Product Support
  • Large companies (> 1000 employees) are recommended to stand up more portals, with one as the management portal to aggregate reports.

Some companies may have special security requirements, such as state and federal law enforcement agencies. In these cases, cost is seldom an issue. Feel free to install SMS Pro™ on your own servers. NWDS can continue to provide support.


Full access to SMS Pro™ remains dependent upon the number of users and whether the system is hosted by NWDS or on your own servers. In most cases, it is less expensive for NWDS to provide a "complete SMS software solution."

Available Modules

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Need a custom solution?

If SMS Pro™ modules don't fit your company's needs, have NWDS create or customize your own modules.

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Remember: Upgrading to another SMS Pro™ version will NOT affect any data previously accumulated.

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