SMS Pro™ Extended allows operators to advance their ICOA SMS implementations to the next level. These operators know the time and labor saving benefits of having great SMS tools that erase repetitive work. Well developed SMS programs have tools that further ICAO compliance across all four components or pillars.


  • Operators needing more reporting and data export capabilities


SMS Pro™ Extended subscription costs two-thirds of the full SMS Pro™.

Available Modules


Issue Reporting

Report risks to management anywhere, anytime (+anyone)


Issue Manager

Conduct risk assessments, classify issues, and more


Gap Analysis

Conduct a regular gap analysis against regulatory standards


Implementation Manager

Plan and manage SMS implementation


User Management

Add, update and delete users in the Application


Safety Survey*

Check the safety pulse of your operation


Policy Manager*

Display policies & procedures for entire organization


KPI Trend Monitoring

Monitor KPIs and compare against civil aviation authorities.


+ 6 Modules of your choice

Select any six modules of your choice

*You will either get Survey Module or Policy Manager

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Implementation Roadmap

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Need a custom solution?

If SMS Pro™ modules don't fit your company's needs, have NWDS create or customize your own modules.

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Remember: Upgrading to another SMS Pro™ version will NOT affect any data previously accumulated.

Free Safety Posters - Publisher format

Remain Aware (24"x36")

Stay Alert When Low Visibility (24"x36")

Follow Cockpit Procedures (24"x36")

Keep Communications Clear

Modify these to suit your needs. Optionally change the message and insert your safety URL.
More coming soon...