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Web based aviation hazard reporting database for airlines and airports

Aviation SMS Database

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Aviation safety management software solutions for all size of airline and airport operators to manage risk, monitor performance

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SMS implementation Roadmap

Aviation SMS road map for ICAO compliant SMS implementation programs

aviation safety management software implementation requires a phased approach based on the four pillars. SMS Pro™ can be adapted to either small or large organizations. Based on your needs and maturity level of your SMS program, you can build your own SMS software tool kit using SMS Pro™ modules that have been developed specifically for the aviation industry.


All employees should have access to airline, airport hazard reporting systems that report into aviation SMS risk management software


  • End user: Unlimited end users
  • System Administrators
  • Safety Managers
  • Auditors
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Core features of aviation SMS software are among the best that cover all four pillars of ICAO compliant SMS program, including hazard reporting, risk management, auditing, internal auditing

Core Features

  • Issue Reporting
  • Hazard Reporting
  • Auditing
  • Gap Analysis
Aviation SMS Online Training and online videos demos available with this web based aviation safety management software

Training and demos

  • Free demos
  • Free initial setup training
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Web based aviation safety software based on Microsoft .NET and SQL Server Web technologies

Basic System Requirement

  • IIS 6 or 7 and higher
  • SQL Server
  • Additional Details Apply
  • Web browser*