• SMS Pro 10/100 provides access to the SMS Pro application* at the rate of $100 per month for operators* having 10 or less users.

    *Private operators and on-demand corporate charters are not eligible unless they are existing SMS Pro™ Lite customers.

    If you are in doubt about your eligibility please contact

  • With SMS Pro 10/100 you gain access to the complete SMS Pro application* -- nearly 40 modules to assist you in your SMS Implementation and Risk Management.

    *The SMS Documents module is not part of this offer. To gain access to the SMS Documents module, a one time fee of $500 is also required.

  • SMS Pro 10/100 Provides many reporting tools necessary to meet the needs of both auditors and management.

  • One of the most significant features of SMS Pro 10/100 is having the expertise of the SMS Pro tech support team available to you at any time, for any problem you may come across.



Other Offers
If your organization meets the eligibility requirements listed above but requires more users, then you're in luck. We are also offering the following plans:

      • 20 Users for $300/month
      • 30 Users for $400/month
      • 40 Users for $500/month
To register for these plans or more information, please contact

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