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SMS Pro Demo - Part 1 - Overview
Customizable aviation safety management system designed specifically for aviation industry. SMS Pro™ is based on ICAO 4 pillars; safety policy, risk management, safety assurance, and safety promotion. The core of SMS Pro is the hazard reporting system but what makes SMS Pro unique is completely robust and complete issue management tool kit.
SMS Pro Demo - Part 2 - Hazard Reporting and Risk Management
SMS Pro's hazard reporting software tracks hazards from start to finish. SMS Pro closes the feedback loop by immediately thanking the original reporting party for reporting the issues, whether the issue is related to safety, security, quality, compliance, or environmental.
SMS Pro Demo - Part 3 - ICAO SMS Implementation
SMS Pro can be adapted to either small or large organizations. Based on your needs and maturity level of your SMS program, you can build your own SMS software tool kit using SMS Pro modules that have been developed specifically for the aviation industry.
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