Aviation SMS Roadmap for ICAO Compliant SMS implementation

SMS Pro™ can be adapted to either small or large organizations. Based on your needs and the maturity level of your SMS program, you can build your own SMS software tool kit using SMS Pro™ modules that have been developed specifically for the aviation industry.

Phases of SMS Implementation

Phase 1 - SMS Pro 10-100

Start Your SMS Implementation Using SMS Pro 10-100 Database Software
  SMS Pro 10-100 is a great starting point for implementing your ICAO compliant SMS program that satisfies EASA, FAA, or Transport Canada requirements.

One of the first steps in implementing your SMS is understanding ICAO's SMS requirements. The Gap Analysis module in SMS Pro 10-100 version is perfect for learning what is required for FAA, Transport Canada, IS-BAO, or other ICAO compliant SMS programs.


Phase 2 - SMS Pro™ Lite Plus

SMS Pro™ Lite Plus for More Functionality
  SMS Pro Lite Plus is suitable for operators who have an SMS budget and realize that a Web-based safety management system is a profit driver. That's right, your SMS program helps you identify problem areas and helps you determine where you should focus resources to reduce risk and save money.


Phase 3 - SMS Pro™ Extended

SMS Pro™ Extended for maturing ICAO compliant SMS programs
  By now you are already using at least eight SMS Pro™ modules. When you start the SMS Pro Extended version, you gain access to three more SMS modules of your choice. Again, you can choose which modules are most important for your operation.

Phase 4 - SMS Pro™ 

SMS Pro™ for complete database software for mature ICAO compliant SMS programs
  Without expert SMS consultants and SMS subject matter experts, SMS Pro™ may as well be another hazard reporting software package. SMS Pro™ has almost fifty modules to use in your ICAO compliant aviation safety management program.
Remember: Upgrading to another SMS Pro™ version will NOT affect any data previously accumulated.