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What Is SMS Pro?

SMS Pro provides a centralized, integrated suite of mature software tools to facilitate regulatory SMS requirements. SMS Pro is an "aviation-specific" application designed to be acceptable by any aviation civil aviation authority or SMS standards setting body, such as IS-BAO or IATA.

SMS Pro’s current mission includes civilian aviation, as well as commercial and military space travel. SMS Pro database currently facilitates the first FAA certificate application for any commercial space tourism company.

SMS Pro’s compelling value for aviation service providers comes from highly complex, intuitive integrations encompassing the entire aviation risk management lifecycle. SMS Pro's workflows are highly configurable to satisfy regulatory SMS requirements worldwide.

SMS Pro's aviation risk management database comes in multiple versions to satisfy any operator's SMS maturity level.

Globally, CAA SMS auditors and NASA advisors regularly compliment SMS Pro’s database with its well-constructed integrations. The SMS Pro database is user-friendly, compliant, compelling and promising, thereby enhancing evolving safety cultures across the entire aviation industry.

For the Executive

  • Dashboards provide greater certainty of business objectives such as performance monitoring and safety assurance.
  • Confidence that management is focused on mitigating risk to as-low-as-reasonably-practical (ALARP).
  • Full transparency of the potential business impact of every risk involved in ensuring SMS objectives are met.

For the Safety Professional

  • Automated alerts & real-time decentralized risk management process involving all stakeholders.
  • Consolidation, aggregation and integration of hazard/risk registers eliminating disparate spreadsheets and other silos of safety information to provide unified interface.
  • Automated escalation and auditing tools to provide assurance safety risk management processes and controls are effective.

For the Dept Head

  • Qualitative and quantitative risk assessments against personnel, environment, equipment, and mission.
  • Hazard, issue and opportunity management in one interface to address both quality and safety management principles.
  • User-friendly charts and graphs to allow proactive investigations and search for opportunities to improve operations and reduce risk.
Screenshot Aviation Software Executive Dashboard

Live Demo

What can all these features do for your organization? Schedule a live demo on your schedule and get a personalized walkthrough of what SMS Pro can do for you.

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Screenshot Aviation Software Executive Dashboard

Find Your Solution

SMS Pro offers solutions for all types of aviation service providers. Whether you’re an airport or an airline, a flight school or a state safety program, we can help.

Our software comes in many shapes and sizes. Find the one that fits your organization.

Custom Workflows

Custom Workflows Supported

  • Secure Employee Workflows
  • Includes SMS Manual - Safety Quality Assurance

Trusted Worldwide

Thousands of airline, airport, corporate, educational, government and non-profit aviation service providers worldwide use SMS Pro.

“The more you use it, the more effective your operation will become.”

Air Bravo Corp

“They were (once again) very impressed with the interface and capabilities of SMSPro!”

Business Jet Access

“You guys are so good with your response time, we really appreciate it.”

PAL Aerospace

“SMS Pro is one of the best SMS Software applications on the market..”