Complete Aviation Hazard Reporting Solution

SMS Pro's Hazard Reporting Solution product offers an immediate, turn-key system for tracking many types of:

  • Hazards;
  • Accidents;
  • Incidents; or
  • Irregularities.

Pre-defined reporting forms are suitable for:

  • Airlines;
  • Airports;
  • Air Traffic Control;
  • Aviation Maintenance Organizations;
  • FBOs; and
  • Flight Schools.

When your company has special hazard reporting requirements, SMS Pro can easily integrate your reporting form(s) into the hazard reporting and risk management framework. (small configuration fee required)

Some aviation service providers use Web-based hazard reporting tools to manage only safety issues for their aviation safety management systems. Other companies are more forward-thinking and use the Hazard Reporting tools to report various types of issues, including:

  • Safety;
  • Security;
  • Quality;
  • Compliance; and
  • Environmental.

Benefits of Hazard Reporting Solution

  • Up to 15 aviation risk management modules
  • Incredible savings for smaller budgets.
  • Ready to use within two days.
  • Excellent electronic hazard reporting solution for low-bandwidth areas.
  • Suitable for companies not wanting a high initial investment in robust Aviation Safety Management software.
  • Your team accesses core hazard reporting and risk management elements in a secure, cloud based safety program.
  • Complete online video training library.
  • Includes SMS Pro's highly responsive tech support team.

Recommended For Aviation Service Providers Needing

  • Incredible savings for companies hyper-sensitive to price
  • Offline hazard reporting tools
  • Email hazard/incident reporting
  • Public hazard reporting for vendors, customers, or partners
  • Professional risk management features
  • Corrective/preventive action (CPA) tracking
  • Automated escalation and notifications of overdue items
  • Manage complex investigations with integrated witness statements
  • Risk analysis drill-down charts
  • Aviation SMS training videos
  • SMS management tools to simplify SMS implementation

Hazard Reporting Solution is designed for new aviation SMS programs or for large aviation service providers looking for modern hazard reporting tools.

Flight schools SMS program builds on this hazard reporting solution. More details about flight schools SMS program. The flight school program has a couple extra modules, including Risk Assessment Tool and the Offline Weight & Balance Tool.


Included Hazard Reporting Solution Modules

These following modules allow your safety team to:

  • Start implementing an aviation safety management system (SMS);
  • Learn and track what is required in SMS programs by performing a gap analysis.
  • Quickly implement a hazard reporting program without large capital investments.
My Safety Menu Item

Email Issue Reporting

Users submit hazards to an IMAP configured email address.

  • Automatically pulls report into hazard reporting framework
  • Sends email notifications to specified managers

Useful for multiple applications, ranging from safety, security and quality issues, such as customer complaints.

Executive Dashboard

Personalized dashboard allowing users to configure report layout based on their preferences.

  • Over 30 individual charts
  • Many interactive, highly visual charts
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Each chart securely accessed based on user role

Offline Issue Reporting Options

Offline Issue Reporter allows users to create hazard reports without Internet connectivity.

  • Standard NASA ASRS reporting forms
  • Create multiple reports and submit when Internet connection is restored
  • Integrates with Vendor Management module
  • Also useful for state safety programs (SSPs)
  • Includes Captains Trip Report

Online Issue Reporting

Online Issue Reporter allows logged-in employees to report issues to management.

  • Instant feedback to user with email confirmation
  • Instant email notifications to safety teams
  • Anonymous reporting supported
  • Confidential reporting supported
  • Many industry-accepted pre-defined reporting forms
  • Accepts attachments (images, audio files, video)

Public Issue Reporting

Allows users to report hazards without having an account in safety program. Simple, easy to use. Useful for:

  • Vendors
  • Contractors
  • Affiliated airlines
  • Airport tenants
  • Customers

Safety Workspace

Safety workspace is the personal workspace of each employee to manage their safety related tasks. Sections include

  • User's Reported Issues;
  • User's Assigned Issues (Dept Heads);
  • Assigned Corrective Preventive Actions (CPAs).
  • Safety Managers' Contact Details

Bonus Aviation SMS Tools

Implementation Manager

Plan your SMS implementation using industry approved aviation SMS implementation models, such as:

  • Transport Canada;
  • ICAO;
  • FAA; and
  • IS-BAO.

Policies & Procedures

Post and manage policies and procedures online for all employees to view. Templates available. Integrated into:

  • Non-punitive reporting policy (online hazard reporting);
  • Hazard reporting policy (online hazard reporting);
  • Classification schemes (hazard management); and
  • Risk analysis charts.

Included Risk Management Modules

Issue Manager

  • Conduct risk assessments
  • Classify issues
  • Track corrective preventive actions
  • Conduct investigations
  • Request witness statements, and more.

Automated alerts and escalation for overdue items.

Identify and track key performance indicators.

Risk Analysis Charts

Easily review classified issues and identify areas to focus risk management resources. Excellent, real-time drill-down capabilities with multiple filters that include:

  • Type of Issue charts
  • Associated Hazards charts (from hazard register)
  • Related Policies & Procedures charts
  • Root Cause charts
  • Many Key Performance Indicator (KPI) charts
  • Human Factors charts

Gap Analysis

Conduct routine gap analysis against regulatory standards to monitor continuous improvement. Multiple industry-accepted models, including:

  • ICAO
  • FAA
  • Transport Canada
  • IS-BAO
  • State Safety Program (SSP)

Vendor Management

Contractors must take all possible measures necessary to adhere to your safety program. Monitor risks associated with vendors and contractors. Includes:

  • Vendor ratings
  • Vendor risk management reports
  • Associate vendors with reported issues
  • Integrated with Offline Hazard Reporting
  • Document critical safety communication

Message Board

Communicate to users and be assured they are reading your messages!

  • Target messages to specific groups, such as pilots or dispatch
  • Automated reminders to users to read messages
  • Used also for "Read Files"
  • Reports of users reading/not reading
  • Simple, one-click reminders

Customize Settings

SMS Admins configure SMS Pro according to their business needs.

User Accounts

Manage user accounts and permissions for your aviation safety portal.