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Introduction to Message Board in SMS Pro

Message Board module

Besides being an ICAO aviation SMS requirement, management frequently needs a mechanism to assure airline & airport team members receive important notices.

Furthermore, management needs methods of documenting that users have received and acknowledged understanding of important aviation safety notices, whether they be:

  • Aviation safety related policies and procedures;
  • Important safety bulletins or announcements;
  • Compliance statements; or
  • Audit trail items.

Purpose of Message Boards in Aviation Safety Management Systems

Message Boards are fundamental tools that are required in every aviation safety management system to communicate safety messages. The most basic message board is the announcement board where safety notices are either penned or posted. Message Boards are highly visible tools that ensure employees can come to a single location to find relevant information regarding operational and environmental changes.

What are Message Boards in Aviation Safety Management Systems

Message Boards are nothing more than announcement boards. For aviation operations, topics may include status updates for airport conditions, runway closures or runway maintenance. For airlines aviation safety management systems, status updates may include policy changes, aircraft operational notices, etc.

Whatever topic needs to be communicated to the entire organization is commonly posted on the organizational Message Board.

Why Use Message Boards in Aviation Safety Management Systems

Electronic Message Boards in an aviation safety management system offer many advantages over the conventional "memo board." The most convincing argument is that managers can easily see who has read the messages. Conversely, managers can also see which users have not yet read important safety messages and easily send reminder notices.

Auditors can also review the Message Boards and see how the airline or airport communicates safety messages throughout the organization.

Who Prepares Messages in Aviation Safety Management Systems

Safety managers, department heads and executives commonly create messages distributed in the Message Board.

How are Messages Prepared?

At the Message Board, manager chooses the target audience to which should read messages. For example, if the manager only wants airport administration or airline pilots to view the message, manager selects the associated role.

Manager then composes the message and submits the message. There are two choices for distributing the message:

1) Users see the message waiting the next time they come to SMS Pro; or

2) Manager sends a Must Acknowledge email to everyone in the selected group. Users then come into SMS Pro and check the box indicating that they have read and understand the message.