General Aviation Safety Management Systems

Formal SMS programs requires general aviation service providers to examine their operations and their business processes. Well-established SMS programs allow general aviation operators to effectively manage change with limited resources. General aviation SMS programs ensure continuous improvement of air safety by predicting hazards from employee reported issues and data collection from audits. General aviation operators use collected safety information to analyze, assess, control, or transfer risk.

SMS activities for general aviation operators include continuous monitoring of implemented controls and of general aviation operator's SMS for effectiveness. When activities are practiced properly, the SMS helps general aviation operators comply with existing regulations while predicting future risk management strategies. Above all, the effective SMS entails sharing knowledge and information throughout the organization to enhance air safety attitudes by changing safety cultures of top management and employees.

SMS Database Software for General Aviation

General aviation has unique SMS database software requirements compared to airports or commercial airlines' safety management systems. However, SMS Pro™ is a scalable solution designed for small to medium sized operators; however, it can also be used for operations with thousands of employees. SMS Pro™ was designed specifically for the aviation industry's safety management systems requirements.

Customizable Aviation SMS Software for General Aviation

SMS Pro™ is a customizable, Web-based SMS solution for general aviation operators. Choose only the modules you need for your current SMS Implementation Phase. General aviation operators do not require the entire array of sophisticated SMS database tools.

Classification lists come pre-filled, but are easily modified to suit your industry, whether you are an:

  • Airport
  • Airline (Part 121, Part 135)
  • Maintenance Repair Operation
  • Fixed Base Operation
  • Corporate Operators
  • Trucking Company