How to Use an Emergency Response Plan (ERP)

Once you create your emergency response plan (ERP), you need to communicate it to employees and test it with emergency drills. Both of these things will ensure that your ERP works as designed, and that employees actually know that it exists and how to use it.

Communicating you ERP to employees involves:

  • Communicating the ERP to employees via email or manually giving it to them;
  • Putting your ERP in many easy-to-access locations; and
  • Letting employees know where those locations are.

You also need to test your ERP with emergency drills. Emergency drills allow you to ensure that your organizations respond to emergencies as planned. They are essentially simulations of a real world emergency, where employees will carry out the procedures and other measures specific in your ERP.

After performing emergency drills, you can update your ERP as necessary.

How to use an emergency response plan in aviation SMS