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Introduction to Aviation Safety Management Systems

Get your feet wet with a brief introduction into SMS history. Watch a few short, free five minute videos, or take your time and read. Please enjoy, as we have spent years in this industry and still don't know it all. Sometimes I feel like a rookie compared to some of the old timers who have been preaching aviation SMS concepts since the 80s.

Get SMS Pro's Web based aviation safety management systems (SMS) softare

What is Aviation Safety

Short article on what is aviation safety. Discover the state of aviation safety today and how world is addressing issue.

About Aviation SMS Pro's Web Based Aviation Safety Management Software

Learn about Aviation SMS Pro™ to best manage airline, airport safety management systems which now require formal SMS programs. Includes three demo videos explaining how SMS Pro completes the feedback process which is so important in any aviation risk management program.

Air Safety Management Principles for Airlines, Airports, Flight Schools Using Latest Web Based Technologies

See why we have not stopped on the mission to improve air safety. Air Safety Management tools and best practices for aviation service providers are described and tells why we should continue the quest to reduce aviation-related incidents and accidents.

SMS Aircraft SMS Requirements Per ICAO, FAA, EASA

All aviation safety requirements stem from ICAO requirements. Many feel that these requirements are not a high hurdle to cross. Discover SMS Aircraft requirements per ICAO, FAA and other countries.

Aviation Safety Management Systems Software for Airlines to Manage ICAO Compliant SMS

The best aviation safety management systems start with top management commitment to excellence. Top management ensures managers have available resources to access the best database software tools.

Airport SMS Safety Management Systems Database Software

Tips to choose your Web based aviation safety software include scalability. Airport SMS Database Software for ICAO, FAA, Transport Canada Compliance is reviewed and discussed. Learn how the best airport safety management systems software can satisfy not only small operators, but can grow with the operation. Not only the scalability requirement, but the software should not be industry segment specific. That is, it should adapt equally well for MROs, FBOs, airports, airlines and flight schools. The best Web based software does not try to mold the company around the software, but the software is able to adapt to unique company operational requirements.

aviation risk management software for aviation incident and accident reports

Aviation Safety Management Systems Software for Flight Schools, MROs, Airlines, Airports

Although standards are developing for aviation SMS programs, there is still considerable room for interpretation. Being able to flexibly adapt to a civil aviation authority's interpretation of ICAO requirements is the hallmark of any flexible software program. Find the Best Aviation Safety Management Systems Software Program For Airlines, Airports, MROs, FBOs, Maintenance and Flight Schools and learn how this software can be adapted to suit your operations.

Aviation SMS Safety Checklists

Free Gap Analysis and Implementation Plan Checklists for Aviation SMS Safety. Different models to choose from, including ICAO, FAA, Transport Canada and IS-BAO.

Old SMS Partners Web Site with Plenty of Resources and Information Regarding Aviation SMS

Aviation SMS site that revolved around the concept that airlines, airport and other service providers wanted a one-stop shop for all their SMS needs. This included SMS training schools, implementation support specialists and aviation SMS consultants.

Aviation Safety Systems SMS Database Software Programs

Operators find many different ways to implement their SMS programs. At first, they develop these systems using tools at hand. Regardless, these Aviation Safety Systems must be satisfying world-wide SMS requirements and as data accumulates, more complex systems are required.

Aviation Safety Management System (SMS) Software Tools

Many SMS consulting companies are providing Aviation SMS Hazard Reporting & Risk Management Database Software to Airports, Airlines, MROs for ICAO Compliant SMS Programs. Many are simply MS Excel spreadsheets and others are more complex, enterprise-level Web programs that costs millions of dollars to create. The best systems may only cost a few hundred dollars per month if you choose wisely.

Original SMS Pro Support Site

Before came alive to be a marketing site exclusively for SMS Pro, we used this site for forums and product documentation. Then it became the first release of the marketing site with a style of the late 2000s.

aviation SMS training companies and SMS consultants

Aviation SMS Videos

Free Aviation SMS Videos for safety management systems. These videos describe aviation safety software tools. SMS Pro's support site is also filled with training videos and documentation to assist safety manager implement their SMS programs.

Contact Info for SMS Pro™ Software in Anchorage, Alaska

Various contact information for aviation safety software developed in Anchorage, Alaska, United States, including email, phone and address.

SMS Course for Safety Management Systems

Aviation SMS training is an important part of every compliant SMS program. Initial and recurrent SMS training is a requirement that must not be overlooked. Learn the availability of an SMS Course for Learning Safety Management Systems near you.

Aviation Safety Data Management Software for Airlines, Airports

Five free videos describing the best strategies for implementing an ICAO compliant SMS program. See how the best breeds of SMS Aviation Safety Data Management Database software manage required aviation SMS programs. The best software suites are not suited for only one industry segment, but are equally suited for airports, airlines, MROs, FBOs & Flight Schools.

FAA SMS for Airlines, Airports, MROs, FBOs

Describes FAA SMS requirements for United States aviation service providers.

Fixed Based Operators FBO SMS Database Software

Customizable, Web-based aviation SMS software for FBOs to manage ICAO compliance for FAA, Transport Canada, EASA.

Gap Analysis Software to gapanalyse gapanalysis | gab analysis | gap analyses

SMS Pro has perhaps the best Gap Analysis Software for Airlines, Airport Safety SMS Programs. This is not a boast. We have many different models to choose from: ICAO, FAA, Transport Canada, IS-BAO gap analysis and also a combined gap analysis model that SCSI created and gave to us many years ago.

GapAnalyse Checklists | gab analysis | gap analyses | gapanalys | gapanalysis

Many people type in gapanalyse when they search for checklists. We put this entry for those who have English as the second language and need assistance finding these GapAnalyse Checklists - Aviation SMS Checklists to perform a gapanalyse.

Hazard Reporting Software for Airlines Airports MROs

Aviation incidents and accidents are the main focus of any new aviation SMS program. This is often the easiest element to address, and many believe that when they incorporate a new Web based aviation incident and accident reporting system, their work is done. This is far from the truth. Most aviation SMS software providers neglect safety promotion and safety policy pillars. Therefore, be aware when choosing customizable hazard reporting database software to manage your aviation SMS programs. Make sure that that are ICAO compliant across all four pillars and not just risk management and safety assurance.

ICAO SMS Requirement for Airlines, Airports, Flight Schools

Describes ICAO SMS requirements for aviation service providers around the world.

Integrated Safety Management Practices for Aviation

Integrated Safety Management principles have been the buzzword for unifying quality and safety programs. There seems to be considerable debate whether these two systems should stand on their own, or be integrated. Another definition of an integrated safety management system is based on a safety management system integrated into existing software systems. Our experience leads us to believe that you can eliminate several of your existing software solutions when you adopt the better aviation safety solutions.

Maintenance Operations Aviation Safety Management Systems SMS

Maintenance Operations follow same aviation SMS guidelines as airlines and airports. There is no sense in re-inventing the wheel in research and development. We recommend to aviation maintenance providers to take advantage of the research that has been ongoing for many years. Use the same aviation SMS programs that the airlines and airports are using. The best Web based systems are customizable to allow you to have your own customized reporting tools.

Aviation Safety Management Systems Database Software

Aviation Safety Management Systems Description. Best to Manage Collected Data. Best practices managing complex data sets.

MRO SMS Database Software

Aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul operations have the same aviation SMS requirements as airlines and airports. SMS Pro is not industry segment specific. We are aviation industry specific. Get your Web-based aviation safety software for MROs.

SMS Partners Providing Aviation Safety Consulting Services

Here we provide a list of Aviation SMS Training and Consulting Companies. These are quality SMS professionals who have been in the business for years. These SMS training companies and SMS consultants are not the "I'm an SMS expert too" batch that popped up between 2010 and today. We don't say that these professionals don't know their stuff, but I have to warn you, be careful of who you choose.

Pricing Information for SMS Pro

How much does SMS Pro™ cost? Pricing information for different versions of aviation safety software can be found at this page. The price of SMS Pro varies, but it is typically based on two factors: how many employees are in the company and do you want NWDS to host the software for you, or do you need the software on your system.

Risk Assessment Tools for Aviation Safety Management Systems SMS

Once aviation incident and accident reports come into your SMS program, you will need to have structured risk management processes that are repeatable. We recommend full featured risk assessment tools to guide you through the process of identifying aviation safety risks. These enterprise-grade Web based tools cost millions of dollars to create, but you can use them for as low as $100 monthly for up to ten users.

Risk Checklist for Aviation Safety Management Systems SMS

Audit checklists are easily created and should be integrated into an audit scheduler. You can use your own risk checklist, or use the ones made specifically for aviation safety management systems from ICAO, FAA, Transport Canada.

Risk Management Software for Airlines, Airports, Flight Schools

Risk management strategies share common threads across various industries. Aviation specific risk management software developed for airlines and airports around the world is important, because the aviation industry is unique. Six years ago, we examined many risk management solutions for maritime, financial, petroleum and mining industries. While there are many similarities, there was not a single system that "fit" the culture of the aviation industry. Hence, SMS Pro was born.

Safety Management PDF Resources for Airlines, Airports

Get free Safety Management PDF Resources for airlines, airports, flight schools, MROs, FBOs. Furthermore, SMS Pro provides many PDF exports for reports. While most reports should be Web based, you can export most to PDF with a single click of the mouse.

Safety Management Principles for Aviation Industry

There are core Safety Management Principles for all Aviation Service Providers Around the World, because by the end of the day, everyone must abide by the ICAO requirements. What is often frustrating to aviation service providers is to be saddled with civil aviation authority auditors who don't really understand the principles of SMS or they appear to have fallen asleep during their SMS training. The main safety management principles for the aviation industry surround the four pillars as described by ICAO: Safety Policy, Risk Management, Safety Assurance and Safety Promotion.

Safety Management Regulations for Aviation Service Providers

Safety Management Regulations for aviation service providers basically follow ICAO guidance, however, it is common that your country's regulations may prove more burdensome than ICAO envisioned. We hope for a standard one day, but don't expect any standards in safety management regulations for at least 30 years. We still have a long way to go to get all aviation service providers on board the SMS train.

Best Safety Management Tools for Aviation Industry

Many aviation safety tools exist to help you with implementing your aviation SMS program. There is MS Word, MS Excel, SharePoint, MS Access and paper. The best Safety Management Tools for aviation service providers around the world have proven to be Web based programs that allow pilots from around the world to report and manage accidents and incidents regardless where the pilot hangs his hat in the evening.

Safety Policy Statement Sample Example by SMS Pro

Free examples of safety policy statements are provided on this website. Choose any or all of several Safety Policy Statement Examples for you to download or copy that are used by the SMS Pro support staff. These sample policy statements can serve as templates or a starting point for your aviation SMS program. There is no sense recreating the wheel. But please change the sample safety policy statement to reflect your true operations. There is nothing more embarrassing for auditors to find another company's name in your safety policy statement. Therefore, when you use these safety policy statements as examples, make sure you change your name.

Links for Safety SMS Database Software Solutions

SMS training companies, SMS consultants and mentors can put their Web site links on the Web site that provides information about Aviation Safety SMS Database Software Programs. Anyone working in the aviation industry, including Airlines, Airports, MROs, FBOs, Flight Schools can put their links on this website.

Aviation Safety Management Systems (SMS) Blog for Airports, Airlines, MROs, Flight Schools by SMS Pro

Learn about Aviation Safety Management Systems (SMS) Topics in this blog for flight schools, airlines, airports.

SMS Implementation Database Software for Airlines, Airports, Flight Schools

Customizable SMS implementation software for the aviation industry based on ICAO, FAA, Transport Canada & IS-BAO requirements.

SMS System in Aviation Safety Management Systems

SMS System description for implementing an ICAO compliant SMS system in aviation company. Every aviation service provider that must comply with SMS requirements must focus not only on civil aviation authority regulations, but also on the SMS requirements mandated by ICAO.

Free Downloads for Aviation Safety Management Systems Software Solutions for Airports, Airlines, MROs

Get access to free aviation SMS safety posters that are used by Aviation Safety Software users around the world. SMS Pro databases designed specifically for airlines, airports, MROs, FBOs and flight schools and not for food service industries or industries that have no relevance to the aviation industry.

Solutions SMS

Aviation Solutions for SMS requirements don't require half a million dollars as some airlines and maintenance service providers have claimed. Any operator can access an enterprise-level, Web based safety management system that starts at $100 monthly. For a couple years, one SMS solution was free. The free aviation SMS  software solution was offered from December 15, 2010 to December 15, 2012. After December 2012 passed, another affordable aviation SMS solution appeared that was affordable by every operator. The system that costs millions of dollars to create can be used in its entirety for only $100 monthly for ten users. This is less expensive than a phone bill.

System Safety Plan Software

System Safety Plan Software for Airlines, Airports SMS Implementation

Web Based SMS Safety Management Systems for ICAO SMS Programs

In today's age of modern technology where the Web is ubiquitous, Web Based SMS Software solutions are the best choice for ICAO, FAA, EASA SMS systems.

Air Safety Management Systems that Are Web Based

Air safety management systems are not a new concept. In fact, every operator already has many elements found in a formal air safety management system. The trick is to put it all together, and fill the gaps to have a formal, business-like management program to improve safety to as low as reasonably possible.