What Is a Hazard Report Form Template?

At the heart of every safety management system is the Hazard Reporting System. The Hazard Reporting System allows stakeholders to submit issues that affect operational:

  • Safety;
  • Security;
  • Quality; or
  • Compliance

Some reporting systems also include environmental types of issues.

Once reports are submitted by stakeholders, management has processes to perform risk management strategies to mitigate risk or to capitalize on an opportunity.

Questions to Ask When Designing Hazard Reporting Systems

Hazard reporting systems are very common among most industries focusing on improving either safety, compliance or quality. When managers design their hazard reporting system, they must ask themselves:

  • What types of issues do we want stakeholders to report?
  • Which details are important to management when treating the issue?
  • How much time should stakeholders invest when filling out a report?
  • How do we want stakeholders to report? (paper, email, web forms, mobile apps, etc.)

Templates for Hazard Reporting Forms

Hazard reporting forms must be designed with the end user in mind. When a hazard reporting form is too long or is not easily available, then management is less likely to receive many reports. There must be a fine line between asking the right questions and making the hazard report form too labor intensive.

Reporting form templates are useful to system designers to ask the right questions. Templates are:

  • Easy to find and use;
  • Useful to get the first reporting form draft started;
  • Based on best industry practices; and
  • A great source for inspiration.

Reporting Form Templates Come in a Few Formats

The most common reporting form templates are either in Word or MS Excel format. However, you should not stop your search there. You can often review demo videos of a respected hazard reporting system to gain inspiration for your hazard reporting forms.

Using videos to find reporting form templates may take extra work as you have to:

  • Find the video;
  • Watch the video; and
  • Pause the video to take screen shots.

If you are looking for templates for your aviation safety management system's hazard reporting processes, you may consider downloading and watching videos with hazard reporting form templates. You may start by watching this aviation hazard demo video.