What Is an Implementation Plan in Aviation SMS

In aviation safety management systems, an Implementation Plan is a roadmap that includes steps and timelines you will take in order to implement your SMS program. What does it mean to "implement"? It means putting in place all the safety elements needed to maintain compliance with your oversight agency.

There are 4 Phases to SMS Implementation:

  • Phase 1: Get grounded by establishing safety policy and documenting high-level elements of the safety program
  • Phase 2: Establish baseline activities and resources needed to have functional SMS
  • Phase 3: Transition from SMS documentation to actually providing/acquiring resources for safe operations (this is big accomplishment) such as training, SMS software, data metrics, KPIs, etc.
  • Phase 4: Develop reliability controls for Phase 3 elements, such as monitoring risk controls, safety promotion, inspection processes, SMS performance review process, etc.
What is an Implementation Plan in Aviation SMS

All oversight agency requirements will be included in the 4 Phases of implementation. SMS implementation checklists will include these requirements and provide you an order of implementation to focus on.