SMS Training and Education

SMS #1 Element of Safety Promotion

A positive safety culture is characterized by values, attitudes and behavior that is committed to the organization’s safety efforts. This is achieved through the combination of technical competence that is continually enhanced through

  • Training and education;
  • Effective communications; and
  • Information sharing.

The airline or airport shall develop and maintain a safety training program that ensures personnel are trained and competent to perform the SMS duties. The scope of safety training shall be appropriate to each individual’s involvement in the SMS program.

Compliance of this requirement is indicated when:

  • There is a documented process to identify Safety Management training requirements so that personnel are competent to perform their duties;
  • There is a process in place to measure the effectiveness of training and to take appropriate action to improve subsequent training;
  • There is a process that evaluates the individual’s competence and takes appropriate remedial action when necessary;
  • Training includes initial and recurrent training; and
  • A training record is maintained for all personnel trained.

This element is satisfied when the organization routinely monitors the SMS performance to identify potential areas of improvement and the outcomes of this process lead to improvements to the safety management system.

SMS Pro modules used to support this requirement

Best Practices

  • Training includes human and organizational factors including non technical skills with the intent of reducing human error;
  • Training requirements are documented for each area of activity within the organization, including areas where training requirements are not defined by regulations;
  • A training needs analysis is carried out for all personnel and is regularly reviewed;
  • Training is provided for personnel working for contracted organisations related to the operation;
  • Personnel have a mechanism to request additional SMS training in relation to their role in SMS; and
  • Management recognizes and uses informal opportunities to instruct all personnel on safety management.