What Is SMS Pro?

SMS Pro is a low-cost, commercially available:

  • database; and
  • Web application.

SMS Pro has been designed and developed to manage aviation service providers' safety management systems (SMS). Since 2007, SMS Pro has been supporting aviation service providers around the world. We work with all aviation industry segments, including:

  • Airlines;
  • Airports;
  • Aviation maintenance organizations;
  • Flight schools;
  • FBOs; and
  • Charter operators.

Technologically, SMS Pro is based on a Microsoft SQL Server database and the Microsoft .NET stack. Permission-based security is based on Microsoft's role provider technology.

System of Integrated Systems to Address ICAO SMS Requirements

Functionally, it is easier to think of SMS Pro as a "system" of closely integrated systems to facilitate the data management of the International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO) SMS documentation requirements. As of November 2006, All ICAO member states are required to implement formal aviation SMS.

A completely implemented SMS covers a wide range of aviation safety requirements that are more easily conceptualized and managed by components. These four ICAO components are:

  • Safety Policy;
  • Safety Risk Management;
  • Safety Assurance; and
  • Safety Promotion.

SMS Pro is a suite of separate, but integrated systems that address all SMS requirements across all four components, or "pillars," as they are commonly referred to.

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List of Major Systems in SMS Pro

SMS Pro contains multiple integrated systems that rely upon a single, centrally located SMS database. This architecture affords the most efficient safety performance monitoring capabilities and reduces the number of independent "point solutions" (point products) required to store and retrieve an SMS implementation's data. Whereas a point product provides a solution to a single business problem, they don't address all the SMS documentation requirements. SMS Pro has been developed to provide a single product to support all SMS documentation requirements.

The most commonly used risk management systems in SMS Pro include, but are not limited to:

There are additional systems with advanced risk management capabilities for:

  • more mature SMS implementations;
  • larger operations; and
  • complex operation types.