What Is an Aviation Safety Database

An aviation safety database is a digitally documenting tool for storing and tracking all of your safety data. Moreover, it offers wide ranging functionality to view and use that safety data, offering a significant advantages over every other type of system. If you are using a manual system of documenting SMS information, an aviation safety database will completely overhaul the way you interact and use data.

Databases save companies many valuable resources such as:

  • Time searching for and generating safety information;
  • Energy spent tracking and editing multiple spreadsheets;
  • Company money spent on the manual updating of spreadsheets; and
  • Data mistakes, faulty decision making due to incorrect data, or loss of company safety data.

A database is more than a point-solution, which serves a single function like auditing, issue reporting, or issue management. Point solutions are an upgrade from spreadsheets, but have only a fraction of the functionality of an SMS database. An aviation safety database offers many different kinds of solutions, and integrates them together.

What is an aviation safety database

What an Aviation Safety Database Does

In comparison to spreadsheets or or point solutions, a safety database in aviation would be like:

  • Combining all spreadsheets and into item;
  • Automating many of your interactions with the spreadsheet;
  • Nearly eliminating potential for data corruption, inconsistency between different spreadsheets, etc.;
  • Gaining the ability to set permissions and security for different data; and
  • Automatically performing complex data operations, including generating the corresponding charts and other display information.

An aviation safety database does simply replace a spreadsheet. It completely overhauls, connects, centralizes, and automatically interacts all spreadsheets together.

Safety databases allows safety information analysis and sharing in ways that spreadsheets or point solutions cannot even begin to match.