ANSP SMS Software Solution Guide

Air Service Navigation Provider (ANSP) > 2 locations

Safety-Quality Assurance Solution

Reasoning: ANSPs with multiple facilities need tools to assure that SMS standards are maintained. This is commonly carried out by audits, which the Safety-Quality Assurance Solution has tools to facilitate audit and inspection management.

ANSP with > 2 locations and poor safety culture

Hazard Reporting Solution

Reasoning: SMS program needs to focus on SMS fundamentals, which will be hazard reporting and safety promotion. Chances are that there is little upper management oversight and no accountability should the SMS program fails.

ANSP with 1 or 2 locations and maturing safety culture

Risk Management Solution

Reasoning: ANSPs are government organizations with little pressure from regulatory authorities to implement best-in-class SMS programs. If the ANSP is serious about SMS, the Risk Management Solution offers substantial tools for hazard reporting and risk management. If an ANSP wants to be seen as a leader, then we recommend the Safety-Quality Assurance Solution.

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