Airline SMS Software Solution Guide

Airline > 200 employees

In Phase 3 or 4: Safety-Quality Assurance Solution

Reasoning: Airlines with more than 200 employees are commonly auditing their:

  • Internal operations;
  • Vendors; or
  • Contractors.

Airline safety and quality managers commonly need to manage audits, both internal and external. Only Safety-Quality Assurance Solution and Enterprise version has auditing tools to facilitate audit and inspection management. This solution has all elements necessary for a fully compliant SMS program for all regulatory authorities, including FAA, Transport Canada, EASA.

Startup Airline

Safety-Quality Assurance Solution

Reasoning: Startup airlines are expected to have all elements of an SMS program before beginning operations.

Established airline > 500 employees with poor reporting culture

Hazard Reporting Solution

Reasoning: Chances are your SMS program needs work on the foundation. You are probably struggling to get past Phase 1 or Phase 2. Your airline also has problems getting budget for SMS programs, therefore, the Hazard Reporting Solution offers all tools necessary for immature SMS programs.

External audits (from regulatory agencies and clients) may be managed in this solution; however, checklists and audit scheduling features are not available in the Hazard Reporting Solution.

Other Airlines

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