Aviation SMS Software Product - SMS Pro Enterprise

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Aviation SMS Software Product - SMS Pro Enterprise

SMS Pro Enterprise provides unlimited file storage space for SMS activities and access to ALL SMS Pro modules (> 70 as of Sept 2014). Enterprise users typically have full time safety manager(s), quality manager(s), and training manager(s). Fastest response times are guaranteed to Enterprise clients.


  • More than 70 modules
  • World-class support -- response within 6 hours (often minutes)
  • Sophisticated reporting, analysis and data export capabilities
  • Unlimited cloud storage for SMS-related activities
  • Training & Qualifications management
  • Vendors incorporated into your SMS program
  • Onsite training and on-boarding available (ask for details)
  • Advanced system audit-capabilities tracks all user actions
  • Four custom hazard reporting forms included (> 100 employees)

Included SMS Pro Enterprise Modules

Everything but the kitchen sink. Furthermore, Enterprise users we receive custom programming at no additional charge to adapt modules to specific requirements. There are reasonable limitations, of course.

My Safety

Issue Reporting

Issue Reporter allows stakeholders to report risks to management.

Public Issue Reporting

Allows users outside the company to securely report hazards without having user accounts.

Email Reporting

The easiest way to encourage users to become active participants in your airline or airport's safety program.


Executive Dashboard

Allows users to review their reported issues and manage tasks.

Safety Workspace

Safety workspace is the personal workspace of each employee to manage their safety related tasks.

Risk Assessment Tool

Online and offline risk assessment tool that is completely configurable for all types of operation.


Aircraft Pilot Scheduler

Visually see where airline or airport resources are scheduled to be at any given day.

Pilot Duty Time

Keep track of pilots and maintenance duty limits and send notifications of impending breaches.

Airport Inspection

Self-inspection programs are a key component of an airport operator's airport certification program.


HSE Reporting

Very robust reporting tool with investigations for employee injuries and environmental events.

Safety Policy

Organization Chart

Organization chart clearly communicating reporting lines of management structure.

Applicable Regulations

Provide employees a quick view any industry safety regulations that govern your operation.

Policies & Procedures

Post and manage policies and procedures online. Templates available.


Document Manager

Online document manager to store SMS documents. Complete with version control and email notifications.

Duties & Requirements

Communicate clearly to stakeholders the duties and requirements of key safety personnel.

Goals & Objectives

Well-chosen goals and objectives point airlines and airports in the right direction.

Risk Management

Issue Manager

Conduct risk assessments, classify issues, manage corrective actions, conduct investigations, and more.

Risk Analysis Charts

Easily review reported issues and identify areas to focus risk management resources.

Proactive Risk Analysis

Pro-actively identifying significant hazards must include feedback from staff and be performed regularly.


Hazard Risk Register

Creates a hazard and risk registry generated from your Operational Risk Profile.

Risk Impact Trending Charts

Investigate developing trends with issues that have been classified in the Issue Manager.

Data Analysis & Export

Create ad hoc reports to investigate data and export to various formats.


CPA Manager

Allows safety managers to view all corrective actions and identify bottlenecks.

Management of Change

Use this module to document Change Management activities.

Classification Report

Generate ad hoc reports and filter issues by classification types, dates and much more.


Custom Report Viewer

Frequently, managers need a data dump of common reports that can be exported to MS Excel or PDF.

Risk Analysis Financial Charts

Easily review reported issues and identify areas to focus risk management resources.

Safety Assurance

Implementation Manager

Plan your airline or airport's SMS implementation using industry approved implementation plans.

Gap Analysis

Conduct a routine gap analysis against regulatory standards to monitor continuous improvement.

Vendor Management

Contractors must take all possible measures necessary to adhere to your airline or airport's safety program.


KPI Trend Monitor icon KPI Trend Monitor

Easily keep track of KPI performance and normalize data against industry statistics.

Risk Exposure

Executives need an easy way to determine whether their safety program is working.

Predictive Analysis

Encompasses a variety of techniques to analyze current and historical facts to forecast future events.


Training & Qualifications

Provides a means for operators to manage employee training and qualification requirements.

Performance Monitor

Allows management an easy way to continuously monitor their SMS program and review KPIs.

Safety Case Manager

Identify the safety critical aspects of airline and airport operations, both technical and managerial.


OSHA 300

Managing mandatory HSE requirements in your safety program.

Emergency Drills

Manage emergency drills and excercises at your airline or airport. Be alerted when drills are required.

Safety Promotion

Message Board

Communicate to users and be assured they are reading your messages!

All Employee Letter

Letter to employees announcing SMS implementation details.

SMS Induction Manager

Proves/documents employees understand their SMS roles.


General Issue Viewer

Provide all users a glimpse into desensitized data to promote your safety culture.


Communicate important safety information to all organizational employees and stakeholders.

Meeting Manager

Easily create and document meetings to meet ICAO requirements.


Safety Survey

Receive feedback from users about the effectiveness of the SMS.

Lessons Learned Library

Allows users to search for and review past lessons learned from mistakes.

Aircraft/Vehicle Dashboard

Communicate the status of aircraft, vehicles and airports using this easy to manage status board.


Emergency Response Notifications

Configure emergency response alerts for automated calling, emailing & SMS text messages. Requires only a mouse click to notify the team when moments count.


User Accounts

Manage user accounts and permissions for your aviation safety portal.

Customize Settings

SMS Admins configure SMS Pro according to their business needs.

Vehicle/Vendors PDF

Leased aircraft must also be incorporated into your aviation SMS program.


Form Creator

Easily create custom forms to get input from vendors, employees or customers.