Aviation Auditing Software Solution

Aviation Auditing Solution was designed for aviation quality departments that continue to manage audits using MS Excel and paper.  Your quality team will save considerable time and energy by using these aviation auditing tools to reduce repetitive work and track audit findings to completion.

Aviation Auditing Solution
is a subset of SMS Pro's Safety-Quality Assurance Solution.

Designed Specifically For Aviation Industry

This solution includes advanced quality assurance modules found in one of the most popular integrated safety and quality management systems; however, this solution was scaled back for quality management personnel needing their own auditing solution.

These are certainly among the best aviation software tools on the market. And these aviation quality management tools are backed by a stellar and highly responsive tech support team.

SMS Pro was designed specifically for the aviation industry. This ensures valid and flexible workflows for many types of operations, including:

  • Airlines;
  • Airports; and
  • Aviation maintenance organizations.

Finally, this is not a complete aviation SMS software solution, but it has been built only for aviation service providers and not meant to please other industries, like chemical, auto or energy companies.

Benefits of Aviation Auditing Solution

  • More than 18 modules
  • World class support -- response guaranteed within 24 hours (often a couple hours)
  • Offline and online auditing tools
  • Configurable audit checklists, audit scheduling and automated reminders
  • Advanced data analysis and trending capabilities
  • Complete online video training library
  • Documented work flow diagrams
  • Includes SMS Pro's highly responsive tech support team.
  • Highly configurable
  • Turn off unwanted modules

Recommended for

  • Aviation companies with quality assurance departments
  • Companies wanting to conduct internal and external audits
  • Medium-to-large- size operations with out-dated quality management software tools
  • Operators demanding the best aviation auditing software

Process to Implement Aviation Auditing Solution

Your dedicated quality management portal is ready for your Admins within two days after payment.

One week is commonly needed to prepare your online auditing portal before the rest of the quality department begins using the system. Step-by-step instructions are included. Video training library assists in commonly asked questions.

Initial common tasks for Admins include:

  • Become familiar with quality management product features;
  • Entering policies and procedures (optional);
  • Customizing the classification schemes;
  • Adding audit checklists;
  • Adding vendors or suppliers that may be related to audits; and
  • Adding org chart for quality department.

Included Aviation Auditing Solution Modules

These modules allow quality assurance managers to professionally implement and manage the best quality programs.

Quality departments save considerable time and energy using automated tools to manage audits.

  My Safety Menu Item

Online Issue Reporting

Online Issue Reporter allows logged-in employees to report findings and concerns to management.

  • Instant feedback to user with email confirmation
  • Instant email notifications to quality management teams
  • Anonymous reporting supported
  • Confidential reporting supported
  • Associate external audit findings to an audit
  • Accepts attachments (images, audio files, video)

Executive Dashboard

Personalized dashboard allowing users to configure report layout based on their preferences.

  • Over 30 individual charts
  • Many interactive, highly visual charts
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Each chart securely accessed based on user role

Safety Workspace

Safety workspace is the personal workspace of each employee to manage their safety related tasks. Sections include

  • User's Reported Issues;
  • User's Assigned Issues (Dept Heads);
  • Assigned Corrective Preventive Actions (CPAs).
  • Safety Managers' Contact Details

Aviation Software Reduces Risk By Policy & Communication

Policies & Procedures

Post and manage policies and procedures online for all employees to view. Templates available. Integrated into:

  • Non-punitive reporting policy (online hazard reporting);
  • Hazard reporting policy (online hazard reporting);
  • Classification schemes (hazard management); and
  • Risk analysis charts.

Organization Chart

Organization chart clearly communicating reporting lines of management structure.

  • Key component of every SMS program
  • Configurable
  • Visible to all employees

Applicable Regulations

Provide employees a quick view any industry safety regulations that govern your operation. Useful to display quick references to:

  • Regulations for pilots, maintenance personnel, etc.;
  • International aviation regulations; and
  • Aircraft safety procedures.

Document Manager

Online document manager to store SMS documents. Complete with version control and email notifications.

  • Document upload/download
  • Granular security - each item with its own security settings;
  • Role based and user-based permissions; and
  • Organized using Windows Explorer-like folder structure.

Goals & Objectives

Well-chosen goals and objectives point airlines and airports in the right direction.

  • Goals & objectives shared to all users;
  • Hide certain items from general users;
  • Auto-tracked and manually-tracked objectives; and
  • Running-totals chart for easy communication.

Included Risk Management Modules

Issue Manager

  • Conduct risk assessments
  • Classify issues
  • Track corrective preventive actions
  • Conduct investigations
  • Request witness statements, and more.

Automated alerts and escalation for overdue items.

Identify and track key performance indicators.

Risk Analysis Charts

Easily review classified issues and identify areas to focus risk management resources. Excellent, real-time drill-down capabilities with multiple filters that include:

  • Type of Issue charts
  • Associated Hazards charts (from hazard register)
  • Related Policies & Procedures charts
  • Root Cause charts
  • Many Key Performance Indicator (KPI) charts
  • Human Factors charts

Risk Impact Trending Charts

Investigate developing trends with issues that have been classified in the Issue Manager.

  • Very sexy charting tools
  • Filter by division, start date and end date
  • Ability to focus on key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Drill-down features with multiple charting tools

Data Analysis & Export

Create ad hoc reports to investigate data and export to various formats.

  • Full text search
  • Filter by division, sorting and grouping
  • Perform analysis by classification types
  • Filter by key performance indicators (KPIs)

CPA Manager

Allows safety managers to view all corrective actions and identify bottlenecks.

  • View all corrective preventive actions
  • Easily manage all overdue CPAs from one interface
  • Automated escalation features
  • Performance rating features for safety committees

Included Aviation SMS Safety Assurance Modules

Vendor Management

Contractors must take all possible measures necessary to adhere to your safety program. Monitor risks associated with vendors and contractors. Includes:

  • Vendor ratings
  • Vendor risk management reports
  • Associate vendors with reported issues
  • Integrated with Offline Hazard Reporting
  • Document critical safety communication

KPI Trend Monitor

Easily track key performance indicator (KPI) performance and normalize data against industry statistics.

  • Quickly normalize data for comparison
  • One-click trend chart generation
  • Standard deviation and variance statisitcs
  • Normalization rate by year of operation

Audit Suite

Useful for internal audits and auditing vendors. Offline audit tools included.

  • Comes with IOSA, ISAGO and BARS checklists
  • Easily create your own checklists
  • Offline and online capabilities with excellent reports
  • Integrated with Issue Manager's risk management framework

Included Aviation Safety Promotion Modules

Meeting Manager

Easily create and document meetings to meet ICAO requirements. Among most useful modules.

  • Meeting agenda attachments with email reminder attachment
  • Create meetings based on type: overdue issues, issues requiring review, etc.
  • Great for safety committee meetings
  • Hold meetings online or in conference room
  • History of past meeting minutes and agendas

User Accounts

Manage user accounts and permissions for your aviation safety portal.

Customize Settings

SMS Admins configure SMS Pro according to their business needs.

Vehicle/Vendors PDF

Leased aircraft must also be incorporated into your aviation SMS program.Owners can see all issues relating to their aircraft. Also used for Vendors in your SMS program. Each vendor can see their associated issues.