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Introduction to Applicable Aviation Regulations

During the SMS implementation, one short-term deliverable is the SMS manual. In your SMS manual, you will document in detail your applicable policies, procedures and risk management processes. The SMS manual is made up of multiple sections, including:

  • Safety policy and safety objectives;
  • Internal and external auditing procedures;
  • Safety investigation procedures; and
  • References to any applicable regulatory SMS requirements.

If your company follows SMS guidance from a standards-setting body, such as IATA, IS-BAO or Flight Safety Foundation, then your SMS manual should include references to their documentation as well.

In SMS Pro, the Applicable Regulations Manager is a place where your users can come to quickly view any industry safety regulations that govern your operation, whether you are an airport, airline, maintenance repair and overhaul, fixed based operator or flight school.

SMS Admins can edit and use this HTML module to place links or special content for all users to view. This configurable content may be unique to not only the specific industry, but also the specific country which your company operates.

Because industry safety regulations vary by type of operation and the location of your operations, this content must be managed by your SMS admin.

Items that may be applied to this page include,for example:

  • International aviation regulations
  • FAA regulations for pilots
  • Air transport regulations
  • Aviation industry regulations
  • Aircraft safety procedures
  • Canada regulations
  • Air safety regulations
  • Aviation safety regulations

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Editing Industry Safety Regulations in SMS Pro

To edit the applicable regulations page, ensure that you are in edit mode, then hover your mouse over the action menu. It looks like an upside down triangle in a box in the upper left corner. Select Edit Content. If you do not able to enter into "Edit Mode" and are also an SMS Admin, contact NWDS support staff to troubleshoot and remedy.

Upon entering edit mode, you will find a word-processor like edit box where you can begin entering content and design the layout of your page as if you were creating a document, and list the regulations that concern your organization as needed. To add hyperlinks to the actual regulation. Highlight the regulation name, and then click on the Hyperlink manager button found in the top, middle section of the edit box. Its icon looks like a globe with a chain link under it. Or, just press the control and K keys on your keyboard to open the Hyperlink manager.

Once open, you can type in or paste the URL to the regulation page you would like to link to in the URL section.

The link text box is the actual text that appears on the page. In the target box, select New Window, to ensure the link opens in a new window and that the user doesn’t lose this page. Skip the Existing Anchor section. In the tooltip box, enter any helpful text that can help the user choose the appropriate link (it will appear when the mouse is hovered over the link). Skip the CSS class section, and then click OK.

You now have a link on the page, and as you can see here is the tool tip we just entered.
If you have any experience with HTML, you also have the option of editing this page in that manner, which gives you more control over the appearance of the page, but lies outside the scope of this tutorial.

When you have finished entering content, remember to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the save button to ensure that your changes are saved and will appear when you navigate to this page.

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