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Introduction to Organizational Charts in Aviation SMS Programs

Org Chart Module

Every aviation SMS system will need an organizational chart to display the chain of command within the airline or airport. Every org chart for the purpose of an aviation SMS program that we have seen is created using a hierarchical format. Your org charts help employees and stakeholders identify who has authority within your airline or airport organization. Org charts also allow employees to quickly see how many managers work in your company and what the chain of command is.

Purpose of Aviation SMS Organizational Charts

The purpose of the Aviation SMS org chart is to define and illustrate the hierarchy of the airport or airline's safety leadership. Some organizations are so complex that their org charts bewilders even employees who have been with the company for years. Keep it simple. One point to keep in mind is that safety managers or directors of safety should have direct line and access to the accountable executive. Don't forget to include this in org charts. Showing employees that the safety manager reports directly to the accountable executive communicates a strong message to employees.

What Is an Aviation SMS Organizational Chart?

An aviation SMS org chart is an image or diagram that pictorially displays the chain of command for aviation safety related items. The org chart serves as a communication tool that speaks directly about authority, duties and responsibilities.

Why Create Organizational Charts for Aviation SMS Program?

The simple reason is: "it is a requirement." The longer answer is because the org chart communicates to employees how safety related issues are dealt with in the organization. When satisfaction is not achieved at one level, employees can see a clear-cut approach to push their concerns up the ladder.

Who Prepares Organizational Charts for Aviation SMS Programs?

In most cases, the safety manager creates the org chart for airlines and airports. He understands the relationships and chain of command the best. The accountable executive must pass his blessing on the org chart. This acceptance sends a message to all managers within the airline or airport that "safety" is an important element on top management's agenda. All managers can also see that the "safety department" reports directly to the accountable executive, although the safety manager may be lower down the "corporate" org chart.

One must understand that the org chart seen in the aviation safety management system is NOT the same as the corporate org chart. In Europe, it is common for many different organizations to have "one" org chart. This same safety org chart is used by airlines, aviation maintenance, airports, fixed based operators and corporate operators. If you are in the European theater, you may contact another safety officer in your region for a copy of his org chart.

How Are Aviation SMS Organizational Charts Prepared?

Safety org charts are usually created in MS Word, MS PowerPoint or MS Visio. The first step is to list the accountable executive at the top, the next level of executive management at the second tier and work your way down to staff managers. Managers are depicted by a rectangle with the position. Some org charts go as far as having the name of the current manager as well. Draw a line from the bottom managers upward to illustrate the flow of communication and authority within the aviation safety arena.

When Are Aviation SMS Organizational Charts Prepared?

Org charts are easy to create. Your safety org chart should be one of the first items to add to your SMS manual if you have one. Again, SMS manuals are not required, but are convenient repositories for aviation safety policies, procedures and your org chart. For any SMS implementation plan, the org chart is created sometime during Phase 1.

Using the Aviation SMS Organizational in SMS Pro

The organizational chart module is a great place for users to come to get a visual of the  structure of their organization and the relationships and relative ranks of its parts and positions. The organizational chart can be found under Policy >> Organization Chart.

The best way to demonstrate the organizational chart structure of your company is visually using an image. An organizational chart can be easily created in MS Word, MS Visio or even MS PowerPoint. In most cases, the organizational chart of your safety personnel can be dynamic, and possibly change depending on how quickly your company expands and contracts in size. in these cases, the organizational chart should be saved as a version controlled document in the document manager so changes can be made; however, the organizational chart graphic (image) should be displayed in the organizational chart menu item.

How to Configure the Organizational Chart in SMS Pro

To upload your Organization Chart image or images for any other HTML module content, first ensure that you are in edit mode, then select edit content from the action menu that appears.

Something important to note, if you are adding mixed content, such as "All Employees Letter" announcing your SMS implementation, containing images or charts, first, create a draft without the images, then paste the text only document into the edit box. You can then upload the images to your SMS portal and then insert them into the document.

To upload an image, first locate that part of your document where you want to place the image and click in it to ensure your cursor is in that location.

Next, click on the image manger icon. It looks like a mountain peak with a small sun above it. A pop-up window will appear displaying all of the images currently available on your portal.

If you do not see an image you wish to use, click on the upload button found above the list of images. Another pop-up will appear. Using this one, click the select button to the right, and then navigate to the place on your computer where the image you want to use is.

If you have more images you wish to upload repeat this process in the next 2 rows. If you have even more images you wish to add, click the add button to add another row. When you are done making your selection, you can check this box (indicate) to overwrite the file if one with the same name exists on your portal. Then click the Upload Button below. Now your images will appear in the list.

To insert an image, select it from the list. To the right you will see a preview of your image. IF you would like to change the properties of your image before inserting it, click on the properties tab below.

Here, you can change the dimensions of your image, create a border and change its color create alternate text to provide if the image doesn’t appear, and change the alignment of your image.
If you want to resize the image but want to keep the relative dimensions, click the link image to the right of the dimensions boxes. This will lock them together so that if you change either the height or width, the other will change with it.

When you are ready to insert your image, click the insert button.

Now your image will appear with the text.

When you are finished adding or editing your content, don’t forget to click the save button, found at the bottom right of the edit box.

Now, having used these tools, you can display your Organization Chart, a list of applicable regulations to your operation, and the All Employee Letter announcing your SMS implementation.

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