Add-Ons Modules

Below is a complete list of modules available for additional purchase

Each module’s monthly prices are listed below. Add-on modules have a $500 installation fee.

 ASAP/ASRS Reporting Configure automated ASAP and ASRS reporting for specific reports $100/month
Bowtie The bowtie module allows you analyze safety incidents from root causes to final outcomes $100/month
Security Officer Checklist Manager Having a security officer checklist manager is the best way to ensure consistent accountability. $150/month
Classification Report Generate ad hoc reports and filter issues by classification types, dates and much more. $25/month
Custom Report Viewer Custom Report Viewer comes with six predefined reports that an SMS Admin can choose from. $25/month
Data Analysis & Export Offers management a way of investigating data and exporting to various formats. $100/month
Duty Officer Log Document all occurrences in your organization that don’t necessarily need to be managed like issues, but should be documented none the less $100/month
EASA ECCAIRS EASA ECCAIRS reporting integration is available for operators in the European Union $50/month
Emergency Drills Emergency Drills module allows managers to track and follow up on corrective preventive actions stemming from any emergency drill or exercise shortcomings. $100/month
Employee Performance Monitor Key performance indicators (KPIs) provide an effective method for monitoring performance. $100/month
HR Pilot Records Manager An optimized employee record keeping tool to assist you in organizing and managing all employee records $300/month
LOSA It simplifies LOSA observation management and reduces the paperwork associated with a Flight Ops LOSA. $400/month
Lost and Found Easily manage all lost and found items, and allow the public to easily report lost or found items $100/month
MSDS Document and record all MSDS items in your organization $25/month
Performance Monitor Allows management an easy way to continuously monitor their SMS program. $25/month
Pilot Duty Time Tracker with Flight Log  Allow your pilots airlines staff to log all duty time, with automated tracking of aircraft and pilot flight time $200/month
Safety Case Manager Safety cases must identify the safety critical aspects of airline and airport operations, both technical and managerial. $25/month
Secure Workflow Manager Allow certain managers to vet and redact all reports before they are released to the issue manager to be managed $300/month
Training Article Library Automated, user-role based training manager with safety articles, videos, and other media of your choice $25/month