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Custom Report Viewer Module

Very often, companies have similar reports to display -- but NOT ALWAYS. For example, most airlines and airports want to share desensitized aviation accidents and incidents to help promote organizational safety and to improve their aviation safety record. Displaying a list of desensitized aviation accidents and incidents to employees also improves the chances that employees engage more frequently in reporting of accidents. Airlines and airports have many incident report forms for employees to use, but there is often no feedback loop to keep employees engaged.

SMS Pro focuses on keeping employees engaged in the hopes that aviation accident and incident reporting rates improve. After all, if employees don't see any result from their efforts filling out incident reporting forms, it is unlikely they will continue to participate in reporting accidents or incidents. For this purpose, SMS Pro clearly displays how the company compares to other operators in accident and incident reporting within the User Dashboard. The target rate for accident and incident reporting within an airline or airport should be 10% monthly. This means that for every hundred employees in your company, you should have approximately ten reports of aviation accidents and incidents.

It is important to note that not all employees reporting incidents will focus on safety issues and you should not discourage employees who are reporting other types of issues, such as quality, security, compliance and environmental. If your airline or airport is limiting its SMS program to reporting only aviation accidents and incidents, then you are missing out on tremendous opportunities to improve your business operations.

Custom Report Viewer for your Aviation Reporting System

For the first three years (2008-2010), SMS Pro™ had a couple custom reporting formats that required NWDS support staff to write SQL code and display a grid to end users. During that time, we saw a pattern develop that many users asked for the same types of reports. Because of this trend, NWDS developed the Custom Report Viewer to display certain types of reports revolving around the airline or airport's aviation accident and incident reporting system.

Custom Report Viewer comes with six predefined reports that an SMS Admin can choose from. It is important to not that the SMS Admin can configure this report without contacting NWDS support staff, and at any time, the SMS Admin can choose another accident or incident reporting template. Once the module is configured, the selected report is displayed each time a user comes to the page, based on the chosen reporting form template

Examples of incident reports follow. These accident and incident related reports include lists of:

  • Investigations
  • Issues Flagged for Auditor Review
  • Portal Users' Contact Info
  • All Portal Tasks
  • Overdue Tasks
  • Corrective Actions Requiring Review

Additional Points to Consider: You can have more than one of these incident report templates on a page. Simply contact SMS Pro™ support staff. For each incident/accident report template, the SMS Admin will have to manually configure the module and choose the desired incident report template.

Alternatively, your aviation safety reporting system can have separate pages for each incident report type. Each page can be named differently based on the form of accident/incident report chosen. Simply contact SMS Pro™ support staff.

Very Important Note: If you didn't understand the previous statement, we reiterate: The page this incident report template sits on does not have to be called "Custom Report Viewer." We can rename it to anything you desire.

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