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What Is Optimized Records Management

Most aviation service providers manage their record keeping manually, such as in:

  • Excel spreadsheets;
  • Word documents;
  • PDFs; or
  • Folders spread out across your organization.

Manual record keeping is a major headache, especially in larger organizations, because of how complicated it can be. Manual record keeping is also plagued by problems, such as:

  • Record keeping tasks are not completed on time;
  • Missing important records; and
  • Being unable to organize, retrieve, track, or monitor record keeping

The pilot records manager tool solves these problems by:

  • Centralizing employee records into one location, backed by an aviation database;
  • Having set procedures and tasks for different types of records;
  • Automating record keeping tasks;
  • Sending out automated reminders of upcoming and overdue tasks;
  • Integrating record keeping with your SMS; and
  • Allowing top managers to easily monitor progress for employees’ records without bothering managers responsible for managing records.

The pilot records manager tool is an optimized record keeping manager. With it, you can configure and build your own record keeping processes and tasks.

Built in, Configurable Templates

The Pilots Record Manager includes an extensive, configurable built in template. These templates are useful because they are:

  • Designed for,
  • Tested by, and
  • Proven for aviation service providers.

In short, this template is built on aviation industry record keeping wisdom and best practices. This built in template is configurable, meaning that you can:

  • Add new record keeping tasks;
  • Remove record keeping tasks that are not relevant; and
  • Change requirements of existing record keeping tasks.

In short, you get the best of both worlds: proven record keeping processes that can be tailored to your organization.

Minimize Time Required to Find Records

The Pilots Record Manager tool reduces a significant amount of time and frustration searching for and retrieving records. You can filter records based on several different variables, such as:

  • The name of the employee;
  • The type of task;
  • Type of procedure; and
  • The name of the manager who updated a task.

Also, with optimized record keeping you can review and search through a log of every action taken on that employee, including when a given action was taken.

Reduce Exposure to Compliance Fines

Receiving automated reminders for employee records is a powerful way for avoiding compliance fines. Automated reminders help you ensure that records are:

  • Up to date;
  • Completed before they are overdue; and
  • Promptly addressed once they become overdue.

Secondly, with automated record keeping, you can flag each task as:

  • PRIA;
  • Compliance; and
  • The cost of a financial fine.

Top managers are ultimately responsible for regulatory fines, meaning that they benefit greatly from optimized records management functionality that offers many barriers against compliance fines.

Improve Record Visibility to Relevant Parties

In addition to avoiding compliance fines, top managers and responsible managers also benefit from the Pilots Record Manager because you can:

  • Easily monitor each employee’s records;
  • Retrieve record documents;
  • Track progress of record keeping tasks; and
  • Review the processes and tasks for the company’s record keeping.

Top managers can do all of this without even having to speak to managers who are responsible for managing the records. We joke that this tool is the ultimate "micromanager" tool because top managers can always know exactly what’s going on without having to bother subordinates.