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Lost and Found Module for Airlines and Airports

Airlines and airports are some of the busiest locations in the entire world, transporting nearly 10 million people per day. In all of this bustle, people lose valuable items. Trying to manage many lost and found items, including tracking those items and returning them to their rightful owners, can quickly become resource intensive and unmanageable.

The Lost and Found module is designed to significantly ease this burden. This module:

  • Provides an online hub for public and employees to submit items as lost or found;
  • Stores contact information of people who have lost items;
  • Includes detailed description of items; and
  • Allows you to track lost/found items’ statuses, such as “returned to customer.”

Some of the above functionality exists with point solutions like Excel. So how does this Lost and Found module provide advantages over such point solutions?

Benefits of Lost and Found Module Over Similar Solutions

For one, you can make the lost and found submission forms available for the public to access online, such as by providing a link from your website. Over time, you can save hundreds of hours of employee’s time manually entering in lost/found information (such as in the case of Excel). Moreover, these forms are mobile friendly, which means that customers can submit lost/found items on their cell phones as easily as on a tablet or desktop computer.