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United States (FAA) Airport Inspection Requirements

FAA Airport Self Inspection Module

Types of Airport Inspections

There are several basic types of airport inspections:

  • Initial inspections
  • Routine inspections
  • Event-driven inspections (damage inspections resulting from weather or aircraft/vehicles)
  • In-depth inspections
      Surface inspections and fracture-critical inspections are two types of in-depth inspections.
  • Special inspections
      Special Inspections are performed to monitor new types of structures, structure details, or operational changes.

SMS Pro has modules to manage each of these inspections. Audit Form Manager allows SMS Admins to create any type of inspection form from the Web interface. Auditing plans and schedules are created using the Audit Scheduler. For routine inspections, SMS Pro has several custom airport inspection modules, including FAA Daily Airport Inspection, Chinese Daily Airport Inspection and Middle East Daily Airport Inspection modules for movement areas, ground field lighting and runways.

Most airports in the United States use the FAA Daily Airport Self-Inspection module. If you have special requirements, SMS Pro's development team can help you achieve your objectives.

FAA Airport Self-Inspection Powerpoint Presentation