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Risk Assessment Tool Functionality

Risk Assessment Tool Module

The Risk Assessment Tool allows you to:

  • Choose your risk assessment type
  • Configure and setup your flight risk assessment tool;
  • Create your own categories and assessment questions;
  • Configure assessment preferences;
  • Edit your risk range text, color, and high/low numbers; and
  • Set email reports and default approval managers.

You can choose from multiple risk assessment forms and risk assessment types. The flight risk assessment type, or FRAT, has a built in template, categories, questions, and form labels.

Many Configuration Settings

You can create custom Risk Assessment form categories, questions, and labels. In short, you can create totally custom risk assessment tool forms. At any time, you can go back and edit your custom form to best fit changes in your organization.

With the risk assessment tool, you can configure automatic email routing based on total risk level when flight risk assessment reports are created. The manager receiving the email will be in charge of accepting or rejecting risk assessments – which he or she will be able to do within the email. You can put different managers in charge of different risk levels, or simply list the manger who will receive all email reports.