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Importance of ERPs

Actions employees take immediately in the minutes following an emergency situation will significantly affect what happens. In emergency situations, the ability for employees to respond well will probably be the deciding factor between catastrophic consequences and a scary but benign outcome.

Consequences of emergencies are wide and varied, including things like:

  • Financial,
  • Environment,
  • Material, or
  • Personal (i.e.) loss of life.

Emergency response plans provide the kind of guidance that employees need in stressful situations that can help your organization avoid unwanted consequences. Good emergency response plans are the best resource for helping employees mitigate emergencies. Unfortunately, the covered emergency in many (if not most) company’s ERPs are very incomplete.

What is an ERP

An emergency response plan is generally compiled in a manual that includes:

  • Who to contact in a given emergency;
  • How to act; and
  • Resources to use to mitigate the emergency.

The top priorities for an ERP is:

  1. Protection;
  2. Safe conduct;
  3. Stabilization of the dangerous condition; and
  4. Recovery.

ERPs are the pinnacle of high quality responsive risk management. An “emergency response plan” may also be called a “catastrophic situation plan.”

Functionality of ERP Module

The emergency response plan module allows you to create your ERP in a way that is both useful and compliant. In this module you can do the following:

  • List all of your emergencies in an organized list
  • For each emergency, list steps to take to respond to emergency
  • For each type of emergency, create a contact list
  • For each type of emergency, list contact numbers

With the ERP module, you can create an amendment record, as well as export your ERP to a PDF.

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