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Sharing Specific Files in your Aviation SMS Software

There may be times when managers need to make a certain group of files available to particular user groups (or all user groups).
Examples of these file groups may be:

  • Airport drawings;
  • Aircraft manuals;
  • Medical training;
  • Maintenance procedures; and
  • Whatever else you may like.

You could put these files in the Document Manager under Policy >> Documents; however, some companies have so many documents that users become lost while trying to quickly find a set of files.

Admin File Share allows managers to group files and share them with particular user groups, such as:

  • Pilots;
  • Medics;
  • Maintenance; or
  • All users.

How to Find This Module?
Admin File Share does not exist in the menu by default. You must ask SMS Pro™ Support Staff to create a page.

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