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Including External Attachments to Issues in Aviation Safety Software

Modern Web-based enterprise risk management software allows managers to have all documentation in a centralized location. When auditors come sniffing around your safety program, stress naturally builds when safety managers are unable to produce required documentation.

SMS Pro has flexible work flow processes to document auditable risk management processes. In most cases, all the documentation stays with reported issues from the time the airline/airport accident, incident or irregularity is reported, until the issue is reviewed years later.

New Email Attachments' Features

New aviation safety management software features have been recently added to SMS Pro's airline/airport safety software. These features allow email attachments to be securely incorporated into the airline/airport safety management documentation during risk management processes. See for more information on SMS Pro aviation safety management software.

When an aviation-related accident or incident is reported, safety managers often gather considerable documentation, such as

  • Photos;
  • Videos;
  • PDFs;
  • Word Docs;
  • Text files, etc.

This documentation becomes "attached" to the issue either when the:

  • Issue has been reported;
  • Preliminary investigation is processed;
  • Formal investigation occurs;
  • Corrective actions are being managed; or
  • Issue has been reviewed during the monitoring process.

Attach Emails and Attachments to Reported Issues

Managers can now easily attach any email and the accompanying attachments to issues they are working on. This feature has been provided to SMS Pro clients in order to save managers' time while managing documentation from third parties, which often is accompanied with attachments.

Feature Reserved for Managers Only

  1. To attach emails to reported issues, you must be a safety manager or a department head.
  2. You can only attach emails to issues belonging to your aviation safety portal.
  3. You must know the convenience number of the reported issue.