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Communicating Emergency Messages to Personnel in Aviation SMS Software

There may be times when you need to alert employees of a recent hazard or other event.

Popup Alerts allows managers to easily create a popup message on a page that appears when users visit a particular page. These messages may be one of several types, such as:

  • Hazard Alerts;
  • Announcement From Top Executives;
  • Safety Announcements.

Popup Alerts commonly appear on "Landing Pages." A landing pages appears immediately after login. Most portals have User Dashboard as the landing page, but some companies opt to have "Submit a New Issue" as their landing page. To change your "landing page," contact SMS Pro™ support staff. This is a very easy configuration change.

Popup Alerts have multiple options to control the way they are displayed, such as:

  • Limit the number of times users see the message (1-n);
  • Display to only certain roles (Managers, Auditors, etc.);
  • Set height & width of popup window;
  • Set title of the window; and
  • Disable the background page when window appears.

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