What Is Aviation Safety Management Software?

What is aviation safety management software?

Aviation safety management software may take on many forms. We have seen MS Excel spreadsheets called "aviation safety management software." And the sad thing is that operators are spending thousands of dollars on spreadsheets or simple reporting systems that only allow employees to submit electronic reports.

An aviation safety management system is more than an MS Excel spreadsheet used to list reported issues. Furthermore, don't believe that you have a complete aviation safety management system when somebody attempts to sell you a system that allows employees to submit hazards electronically. An aviation safety management system encompasses all four pillars (or components) of the ICAO safety management system requirements. These include:

  • Safety Policy
  • Risk Management
  • Safety Assurance
  • Safety Promotion

Important Note: An aviation safety management software system is not an SMS. An SMS is more than aviation safety management software. Culture is part of your SMS, and you simply cannot put "culture" into an aviation safety software product.

So what is Aviation Safety Management Software?
When we talk about aviation safety management software, we expect to see several elements:

  • Web based interface
  • Enterprised-level database (SQL Server or Oracle)
  • Safety tools that encompass all FOUR pillars
  • Simple interface that does not intimidate users
  • Customizable interface that allows companies to modify to suite their needs
  • Secure, dependable architecture (usually Microsoft .NET or Java)

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