Who Uses Aviation Safety Management Software?

Who uses aviation safety management software?

In the perfect world, everyone in the company and your stakeholders use your aviation safety management software. The simplest cases would be customers and vendors sending an email to the safety email, which is then automatically pulled into the safety management software framework, just as SMS Pro does. Alternately, customers can fill out an electronic hazard reporting form from a kiosk or from their own computer. A link from your company website can open up your aviation safety management's hazard reporting form, just as SMS Pro does.

Every level of manager should also be using your aviation safety management software. When issues are reported, safety managers perform a risk assessment, classifies the issue and then assigns the issue to the responsible manager. These responsible managers are typically department heads and must manage the corrective actions. Corrective actions should be managed automatically by your aviation safety management software. Furthermore, automated alerts should be sent when items become overdue, just as SMS Pro does.

Upper level management should also be able to use your aviation safety management software with minimal training. Executive reports, operational performance monitoring, process performance monitoring and high level reports should be of interest to senior level managers.

Finally, safety managers use aviation safety management software the most. It is impossible to measure the amount of time saved from using automated aviation safety software because every company is different. Not only are the operations different, but so are attitudes, the reporting culture and the expectations surrounding the implementation of the required aviation safety management system.

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