Why Choose SMS Pro?

Why choose SMS Pro?

Independent consultants rate SMS Pro as having these favorable attributes:

  • Price
  • Customer service
  • Ability to customize/configure
  • Multilingual capability (English, French, Spanish, German)

List of Aviation Safety Management Software Competitors

SMS Pro has a few competitors of note. When you review aviation safety management software tools, you should ask:

  • Was the tool developed specifically for the aviation industry?
  • How is the customer support? (your SMS software provider becomes your SMS partner)
  • Cost? (SMS Pro starts at $100 monthly for up to ten users)
  • Is it Web based?
  • Is it customizable?
  • Are the work flows flexible? or are you tied to a fixed process?
  • Was the system designed as an SMS tool or retrofitted from an auditing tool, such as QPulse

SMS Pro Safety Modules