Why Use Aviation Safety Management Software?

Why Use Aviation Safety Management Software?

When you don't have time to organize data, communicate safety promotion activities or perform the other 50 tasks in an average aviation safety program, then you need tools to make you more efficient. You may argue that you don't have very many incidents that are reported. We would ask, "why not?" Every company has safety issues or concerns. Simply because they are not reported or captured does not mean they don't exist.

Many employees don't report safety issues for a variety of reasons:

  • No easy way to do it, such as email
  • No feedback when reports are filed
  • No accountability seen in company (reports filed, but nobody cares)
  • Management discourages hazard reporting and prefers to handle things "informally"

When issues are not reported into a system, they cannot be classified and analyzed in the future to identify trends. These reported issues facilitate the "continuous improvement" requirement.

Other companies have too many reports filed and the safety team becomes overwhelmed with work. Without good aviation safety management software, a safety manager is not able to easily handle a dozen issues in a day. With SMS Pro, a safety manager can handle about a dozen issues in an hour.

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